We provide training for our new maids in their home country and in Singapore. Training will be conducted in Myanmar while waiting for the maids employment application to be approved by the Myanmar authorities. Continuous training is also available in Singapore upon arrival of new Myanmar maids.

What training will be provided


The maid training we give is as follows :-

  • Laundry, housekeeping, basic cutting skills and basic cooking skills for rice, noodles, vegetables, eggs and other foods. We also provide safety training to the maids when they are performing the household chores.
  • We also provide training for culinary skills, but please understand that not all maids have the same culinary skills and the successful creation of a foreign maid or helper into a Singapore cook requires talent, interest and hard work from the new maids being trained.
  • Our experience shows that this training will enhance their ability to adapt faster to the culture of Singaporeans and will help to create a harmonious relationship faster.